In the following sections you can find the FIELD OF EXPERTISE in which I have developed an affordable and accurate working method and Know-how.

Medicine and science 

  • BIOLOGY: microbiology, immunology, lab.
  • MEDICINE AND SPORT SCIENCE: product monographs and scientific papers.
  • PHARMACOLOGY: informed consent, patient information leaflet, Summary of Product Characteristics, Clinical Trial Protocols and related documents, Articles; EMA documents for EU drug approval.
  • MEDICAL EQUIPMENT: surgical equipment, infusion sets, medical pumps, medical software and manuals.
  • CHEMISTRY: general, organic, inorganic, biochemistry; REACH documents for EU approval (including SDS (Safety Data Sheets), exposure Scenarios)

Energy and Environment

  • ENERGY SECTOR: renewable energy, Oil&Gas, petroleum, refining, mining and extraction.
  • ENVIROMENT TRANSLATION: carbon emission, climate change, enviromental technologies, sustainable development.


  • Websites, brochures, catalogues.


  • Software
  • Websites
  • Training materials (courses and manuals)
  • Computer architecture and networking
  • Cloud computing