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If someone thinks that a low rate for his/her translation is a good business, he/she is not doing a good buy. Quoting a translation task is not easy. I use two criteria:


 Quote per CHART

A chart is made of 1500 characters (included) of the source text (the text to be translated).

 Quote per WORD

A total wordcount of the source document is made and is applied a price per word.

I prefer a quote per chart for large document (more than 20 charts). For smaller jobs I use a word quote. In some productive areas, like professional translation, the service cost is not a real cost but means money saving, so it is an investment. I am able to offer rates in lines with the qualitative standards of the documents I handled thanks to the gained experience and knowledge of the subjects and thanks to the great respect I feel for my clients, agencies or final clients.

If you need any information about me or about a translation quote, please visit the section contacts, I’m sure I will place more value on your projects.