My name is Emanuela Rotunno and I am a professional freelance translator. 

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I offer the following services: translation, proofreading and editing of medical-scientifically texts, with particular reference to the biomedical, pharmaceutical, medical and chemical field.

I have always had a strong passion for foreign languages and cultures and, at the same time, a great interest in techno-scientific subjects. I received a “Chemical-Biological Laboratory Technician” diploma in 1994, a degree in “English and German” in 2001 at the University of Lecce and completed a six-month study abroad with the Erasmus Program at the University of Bremen in Germany, during which I had the opportunity not only to refine my German, but also to come into contact with people all over the world.

I immediately started working after graduation as a translator for a physician in Cesena and other private companies, resulting in a long-term collaboration during which I created a specialized glossary and became very familiar with the language of medicine and pharmaceuticals. In 2010, based on the experience I have gained, I decided to pursue a “Masters in Specialized Translation” from English into Italian with a specialization in “Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy” and “Localization” at the University of Pisa in collaboration with the Icon Consortium. This was followed by an internship at the European Commission’s DGT (Directorate General for Translation), Unit 2 in Brussels, where, joined by colleagues of proven experience and professionalism, I translated directives, regulations, opinions and decisions of the Commission.

Currently I work with translation agencies around the world that rely on my translation, revision and editing skills. I also translate financial statements, reports and other company materials on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. In the near future I intend to continue my studies in legal translation from German.
The desire to continue learning, the readiness to take on new challenges and enthusiasm for my work complete my profile

Freelancer according to the Italian Law no. 4 dated 14th January 2013 and published in the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic dated 26th January 2013.


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